Something to Smile About

What makes you smile? When you go about your everyday life, of visiting a supermarket, or driving a car, what makes you smile? Do you notice those small little details in your day, or do you rush past them, missing the very essence of the day?

Children tend to make me smile. Today I was looking for ice-cream from the cold section of our local supermarket when a busy mum rushed by. She was dragging a sweet little toddler by the hand. Just before the mum disappeared around the corner, I received the most gorgeous, unreserved, mostly toothless grin from the little girl, who was trying her best to keep up with her mum’s big steps. Her excitement showed by the scrunched-up face she was pulling at me. And just like that she was gone. She had no idea she had just made my day.

I got to the carpark, just in time to observe another child, this time a little boy. He must have been around two or three years old. He was following his mum, who was pushing a full, heavy shopping trolley. What made me smile is the little boy was pulling a huge bag of nappies behind him, dragging it along the ground. He looked like he was conducting a huge operation. When he finally made it to his mum’s car, he had such a look of triumph about him, as if he had at least finished a marathon or graduated from university.

My mood lighter, I got into my car and turned my music on. The slow tempo of the easy mellow tunes I chose smoothed my soul, calmed my mind, and relaxed my muscles as I started toward home. Soon I found myself singing softly along to it. I stopped at a set of lights. By now I was so into my song that I felt tears fill my eyes. I turned my head and looked at the car next to me. Again, I couldn’t help smiling. A sweet little old lady, alone in her car, was swaying from side to side, having fun with her vocals. Her music must have been a bit more upbeat than mine!

When we think of telling our life story, we list the big things, like weddings, birthdays, and funerals. But do we miss the small moments, the ones that complete our story, the ones that fill in the gabs with colour and vibrancy? Life becomes more meaningful when we realise, we will never live the same moment twice. Life is made of small, beautiful moments; don’t miss them.  

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  1. Grethe says:

    What a lovely story ! So true, there are lots of happy moments every day. We just have to shop , watch and feel. 😍


    1. Yes, lots of small happy moments! So true!!


      1. gretstor says:

        We have to STOP, watch and feel
        ( not «shop»)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I knew what you meant, but thought shopping is a happy moment too!!


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